COVID-19 Government Help For the Self-Employed

We did a live webinar on the 5th of April covering the COVID-19 Self-employment Income Support Scheme (you get 80% of your profits as a grant) and benefits such as Universal Credit available to the self-employed with actual examples. Please scroll down for the recording. You can downl
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Корона вирус – държавна помощ ако сте Самонает в Обединеното Кралство

Запис от Уебинара от 29 Март 2020 Ако искате да си запазите копие от презентацията моля попълнете данните си по долу. Кратко обобщение на извънредната помощ от която може да се възползвате в Англия. Ако сте се били селф-имплойд през 2018 -2019 потенциално се квалифицирате за безвъзмез
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Hobby vs Trade

Is it a trade or a hobby – working tax credits

There seems to be an increasing scrutiny lately by HMRC into working tax credits claimed by self employed people. The general mode of enquiry seems to be questioning if the income is so small as to allow claiming for working tax credit, is it actually a trade? Or a hobby, which will n
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